Roots of Spagyrics

PEKANA spagyrics is a special preparation mode in homeopathy to produce the mother tincture which allows, among other things, the incorporation of plant-specific minerals. This maintains the holistics of the plant healing principle and preserves its full vital energy. This energy is then substantially enhanced by potentiating the mother tincture.
PEKANA has modernized the spagyric preparation process that dates back to Paracelsus and adapted it to the requirements of high-quality and GHP-compliant production. PEKANA spagyrics is achieved with the following process steps:
1. Separation (Separatio)
Done by putrefaction or fermentation
2. Purification (Purificatio)
Done by distillation or filtration
3. Incineration (Calcificatio)
Done by incinerating the plant body to gain the plant-specific minerals
4. Unification (Conjugatio)
Of fermentation liquid and minerals to form wholeness

PEKANA has modernized these prescribed basic steps and adapted them to the requirements posed by high-quality and GHP-compliant production.