PEKANA Spagyrics

PEKANA spagyrics is a special preparation mode in homeopathy to produce the mother tincture which allows, among other things, the incorporation of plant-specific minerals. This maintains the holistics of the plant healing principle and preserves its full vital energy. This energy is then substantially enhanced by potentiating the mother tincture.
PEKANA has modernized the spagyric preparation process that dates back to Paracelsus and adapted it to the requirements of high-quality and GHP-compliant production. PEKANA spagyrics is achieved with the following process steps:
1. Cleaning
Fresh, organically grown medicinal plants are cleaned with water by hand.
2. Maceration
Maceration of the plants done without heat generation serves to split the cells.
3. Separation
The crushed medicinal plants are prepared with a gentle yeast- based fermentation. The alcohol created in this process acts as a carrier of vital energy.
4. Purification
Vitamines and enzymes are preserved in the fermented liquid with fine filtration.
5. Incineration
The plant bodies are incinerated to ash at high temperatures. The subsequent watery extract of the ash enables the purification of minerals to crystals.
6. Reunification
Through the addition of crystals in the spagyric mother tincture, the cycle of the production process of the holistic healing principle of the plant is complete.