PEKANA is a medium-sized, family-owned enterprise run by its co-founder Mrs. Katharina Beyersdorff. The enterprise is located in Kisslegg in the rural south-east of Germany. In this natural environment we have manufactured homeopathic-spagyric remedies since the early 1980s.
The product range comprises 70 homeopathic-spagyric complex remedies. The individual composition of each remedy is attuned to the requirements of diseases, which today are mostly triggered by more than one cause. What makes our remedies so unique is the specifically developed spagyric production procedure that is based on the therapeutic approach to maintain the vital energy of the medicinal plants to their full extent. This constitutes the foundation for a holistically applicable homeopathic-spagyric concept.
In 1991 PEKANA spagyrics was included in the first German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and in 1995 awarded for exemplary performance within the scope of the Innovation Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Since the year 2000 PEKANA has been GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), demonstrating worldwide acknowledgement of quality assurance. In 2008 PEKANA was successfully inspected by the American health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration).