Corporate Philosophy

The Vision of PEKANA

PEKANA sustainably promotes the change of awareness in therapists and patients towards homeopathy and spagyrics being a part of the traditional Western medicine. Thus traditional Western medicine becomes a supporting pillar in the transforming understanding of health and disease.
The Commitment and Purpose of PEKANA
It is our commitment to activate the self-healing powers through PEKANA remedies without creating any addictions, free from manipulation.
The People PEKANA Addresses
PEKANA turns to those people who wish for an authentic guide in a changing medical world turning more and more towards naturopathy, a guide independent of trends, and they want to be supported by products of valuable quality as well as by inspiring findings.
The Principles of PEKANA
  • Our corporate culture is based on humanity, personal responsibility, trust, fairness, mutual appreciation and dedicated action.
  • Our corporate culture, which is supported by all our employees, enhances the high quality of PEKANA remedies.
  • Our active competence to learn and change allows us to meet all professional requirements and to act towards the future.
  • We understand transformation and change as a permanent part of our professional and private lives.
  • Our actions are characterized by courage, commitment and consistency.
  • Financial success is not the overall purpose of our enterprise but forms the basis for the implementation of our commitment and our vision.
  • Social commitment as well as a fair and honest relationship to our employees, customers and suppliers is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.